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Budget flats in Kochi

Are you tired of moving every time your lease or rental period expires? Or are you tired
of hunting for apartments that meet your needs and fits into your budget?

We understand that these days hunting for a house that is comfortable in every regard
is extremely difficult. And when you do find one and settle down; having to move again
is an exhausting act in itself.

Perhaps it’s time you buy a home for yourself! You’ve probably not done so yet because
you feel buying a flat in Kochi or buying apartments in Kochi is beyond your reach.
Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! We have some excellent budget apartments in
Thengod, Kakkanad. These would be perfect for you.  Asten Viveria brings to you the
serenity and peace that you would want for your family and yet it is within the booming
and very evolving Kerala’s cyber capital.

Asten Viveria, Thengode, Kakkanad

Our Flats in Kakkanad are away from the noise and bustle of the city; but is still in
close vicinity to the Info Park and the Smart City. Both are within 2 to 3kms. The projects
have homes which range from 990 square feet to 1190 square feet and therefore, you
get luxury but in the price of a budget home.

Do not let the wording ‘budget home’ give you the wrong idea. We do not intend to
cramp your lifestyle and hence we have a children’s play area, a club house, beautifully
landscaped areas, a badminton court, health club, convenient car parking and a
swimming pool. We also take security very seriously and have 24 hour security and
CCTV Camera for the project. Thus comfortable living, entertainment and security –
What more can one ask for?

We also understand that in this day and age, financial planning can be a little difficult.
To make this as easy as possible for you, most banks would approve your home loans
without any fuss, since we are absolutely clear in our dealings.
If you want to see a good return on your investment, this is probably the best time to
think of buying Apartments in Kakkanad. Any of our budget homes will see huge
appreciation in the future.

The reasons for these are that Kochi is not only evolving and contributes to 55% of the
IT exports of Kerala; but there are various other industrial projects which have been
earmarked and scheduled. It is home to several major IT/ITES companies as well as
heavyweights in the BPO sector.

Kochi continues to attract historians, lovers of art as well as pilgrims looking for
religious relief. ‘God’s Own Country’ is the apt place for those who are looking to
rejuvenate their mind, bodies and spirit. With so many job opportunities and booming
tourism in this area; investment in this quarter can never go wrong.
However, you need not take our word for it. Come and see for yourself. You would
surely fall in love with these practical and yet tasteful, beautiful apartments.

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